Haley Pharo featured in Citizen LA



Haley at the Viper Room

Yes, Haley Pharo is lovely.  Her face, her voice, and her words all work together to produce a physical persona that undoubtedly melts hearts.  Haley’s true beauty, however, emanates from wisdom and an appreciation for life.  The fearless singer/songwriter is on a mission to leave the world a better place than when she came to it.

Haley’s poignant songs are comprised of life lessons coated in a sweet musical veneer that is simple and accessible.  Tracks vacillate from melodic hooks to anthemic choruses which hint at tonal qualities found in Blondie, No Doubt and Tory Amos.  An interesting blend of synth samples creates a playful clean sound reminiscent of 80’s Pop without sounding dated or retro. Haley’s songwriting abilities are more than evident.

Yet beyond all this unbridled musical talent we can appreciate Haley for being a simple girl with simple dreams.  Haley carries a heartfelt conviction to share the gift of music while navigating through an unmerciful industry that eats adorable popstars for breakfast…

And she’s biting back.

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