Luckie Pierre’s Graham Master Flash DJ’s @ Mbar this Saturday Dec 18th 930PM

A few years back I resurrected a live night of music we used to do called “The Couch” at hollywood’s 3 Clubs we renamed the evening, Get Luckie!   During the Get Luckie shows I was fortunate enough to build a great team of people helping out with the night and great band line up’s, DJ’s, and a very supportive venue.   One of those team members was Local radio DJ Jon Hershfield who at the time was doing a show for Kill Radio.  Later Jon started his own music interview show, live events, and website under the moniker “…is good music.  Sadly, for the LA music scene Jon has decided to call it quits, ya know, to peruse his “real job” and his lovely family.   So we’re throwing a party in his honor.  I’m Dj’ing a set or two and hope you can come check it out.   If you ever attended: The Couch @ Lava Lounge, Get Luckie! @ 3 Clubs, or any of Jon’s “…Is Good Music” shows, please come say farewell and enjoy one last night of music.